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“You suck”

My table tennis coach said that to me when I asked to sign up for his training program. I was speechless! My first reaction was: “Is this guy out of his mind? How can he say that to his prospective client?”. “But I will give you the method to become a better player.”, he continued.

He told me the truth! In spite of picking up the racquets in high school, I hadn't practiced at all. I built up completely wrong muscle memory by playing it casually. I spent the next 18 months with my coach to unlearn the bad habits and develop proper techniques. If I didn't take his words as motivation to train harder than the next guy, I wouldn't be the player I am today.

9 years ago, I designed my first portfolio site and asked posted on a designer/developer community for critique. Surprisingly, most of the feedback was on my English. I still remember one of them: "Your English sucks. You need to write better English to work in this industry". Then the commenter politely pointed out my errors. English was my Achille's heel. I flicked dust of the grammar books and learned as much as I can. If I ignored the negative comments, this blog even doesn't exist.

Honest advice is gold. Next time if someone tells me "You suck", I will thank him, respectfully!

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