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Five percent

Happiness is the reason why we’re living for. Some people are dying to get it. Whose happiness is all alike, yet each of us has the own way to feel it – It’s the moment when we unbox our new gadgets, or listen to favorite songs, or read a book, or more romantically, have a kiss. Most of these emotions last in seconds or minutes, but some will grow in us, forever.

I have had all those happy feelings, too. They happen in my most everyday activities. But to me, that’s just the least of it. The real happiness in me, let me tell you, is all about sharing and contributing something. I firmly believe in the philosophy of “give and take”. I’ve been a happy person from the moment I was born and I still am. I felt and am feeling the urge to share the wealthiness and happiness with others. During the last few years, I’ve built some businesses with such main purposes as supporting my parents, doing what I love and like other young guys — having a stable life. My life has been going along well so far – My job is what I dreamed of from my childhood; My love affair is as good as it gets and I’ve managed to make the most of it; My finance situation is fine and solid; Some great hobbies and passions I have make me smile all the time. I live a simple life. I don’t own a house (yes someday I will need it) but I’m feeling alright. I don’t like car and my 10 year old motorbike still works great for me. I no longer drink anything that costs me more than 2 dollars. I love cheap stuffs and I feel happy with that.

So, do I have enough? When will I feel I have enough? I don’t know. While I buy expensive things (of course sometimes that’s a price to pay for some valuable happiness), some people are dying out there. With that sum of money, I could help them. It’s not fair! The question has been wandering inside my mind for a few years. Instead of answering it, two days ago, me and my brothers came to a conclusion – We will share at least 5% of our profit and personal income with those who are less happy than us.

It was a beautiful decision. A new door was opened. I couldn’t feel better.

What does that even mean?

That means for every hour I work, I can send 5 meals or 10 text books or 4 litres of milk or some more other things and stuffs to poor children, who only want to know what their next meal will have, and who are feeling sad and blue for having to hand books over among them to read and study.

If you hire me for your next project, you and me will help to get food and cozy clothes and other essential stuffs for the kids. That means every member at IconEden’s Icon Club will also help send 40kg of rice to provide meals for 40 people in 5 days. In other words, the growth of our business will contribute to the hopeless and unfortunate community, and if you work with us, you will do the same thing.

Since we are still young and we are living a basic life, and our businesses are start-ups so we need a little to back it up for our future. We also need money to invest in other businesses. The number is 5% for the time being, but we really hope that we can increase that percentage when our businesses are well-established.

For most of us, 5% of our income don’t effect our life much but it means a lot for some people. What we will do and we should do is not only sharing food, giving education and filling the basic needs but sharing the most important thing — love and belief. With belief on their side, people could overcome the unfortunate and and their lives might be changed.

How do I feel?

I feel like I don’t give away anything. I just share the wealthiness and love. There’s no “cut” after all. In fact, I get a lot in return. I feel happier and wealthier. I know it would be a cliché to tell that I have enough, but I feel extremely good and strong about what I will be doing.

Our plan

Currently we’re supporting Binh Loi Mercy Home. We will provide food, textbooks and possibly milk for 40 children, who are struggling their hard lives on the streets. If you know any one that needs our support, just send me an email to min (at) frexy (dot) com.

This project needs a name and I’m still thinking about it. The website for it will be up really soon.

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