Visual demand forecasting system



Lawson China


UX Research and Analysis, UI/UX Design

Lawson is the leading convenience store chain in China, with over 3000 stores. Lawson partnered with Aitomatic to launch a demand forecasting solution to help monitor and forecast the performance of the whole chain at individual, regional, and national levels. Based on Aitomatic's Human-first framework, Lawson Forecasting also provides valuable feedback for Lawson's experts to make business decisions and help data scientists to improve the models.

Every quarter, Lawson opens hundreds of stores across the country, and it's a costly process. We worked closely with Lawson to build the "Store suggestion" tool to recommend the best location for the upcoming stores based on the correlation with existing stores and map data. This feature alone helps Lawson save millions of dollars in operating costs.

Data dimensions provided by Lawson
Regional level - map view
Regional level - tabular view
Individual store - weekly view
Individual store - daily view
New store suggestion - input
New store suggestion - correlated stores
New store suggestion - forecast for upcoming store
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